Sri Ritesh Agarwala, Chartered Accountant, Kolkata

Governance , Accounting and Integrated Reporting

Organization and Significant Accounting Policies Organization-Indian Association of Blood Cancer & Allied Diseases (the “Association”) is a non–profit health care agency dedicated to seeking the cause and cure of leukaemia, thalassaemia haematological disorders and myeloma and improving the quality of life of patients and their families. The association’s principal activities include: medical care to patients suffering from blood cancer and blood diseases; facilitating psychosocial support to patients and their families; providing blood banking and blood transfusion services, running awareness and information resource centre; conducting research and disseminating educational information about blood cancers in the form of publications, internet sites, conferences and symposia for both the medical community and the general public.
Principles of Consolidation-The accompanying consolidated financial statements include the accounts of all medical service units, publications, awareness, treatment unit and resource mobilization programmes.
Tax-Exempt Status-The association qualifies as a charitable organization as defined by Income Tax Act, 1961 under section 12 A and exempt from income tax under section 80G IT Act.
Fund Utilization-Funds/ grants/ contributions/ donations are utilized for programme implementation, supporting services and purchasing assets to render services. Utilization of funds are based upon donor imposed guidelines and existing provisions of Income Tax rules.

Fixed Assets and Depreciation
Fixed assets, which consist principally of equipments, furniture, vehicles, premises are recorded at cost, if purchased, or at fair value at date of donation, if contributed, and are depreciated or amortized using the straight-line method over the estimated useful lives of the assets ( depreciation method is guided by appropriate authority of IT Department.

Audit- Accounts are audited on a regular basis by qualified Chartered Accountant and Audit Report is being prepared as per provisions of under section 12 A( b) of IT Act and reported through Form 10 B and duly submitted to the Prescribed Authority .
Summarized Financial Information, Governance and Responsibility-The yearly financial statements are presented in the form Income and Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet ( Sources of Fund, Application of Fund, Investment , Assets and Liabilities). The Board of Directors is responsible for proper transparency and accountability for all financial transactions adopting all best practices, complying all legal and stakeholder requirements. The board is also responsible to present and submit all reports, financial statements, utilization of funds and services in a fair manner adopting ethical practices in governance. The Board of Directors is an active and responsible governing body whose members serve without compensation and have no material conflict of interest.

The Team

Dr. Sourav Ghosh - Medical Director
Dr. ( Mrs) Reshmi Kundu, Dr. Kakali Bhowmik
Bijoy Mondal , Pankaj Roy , Paramanu Mahapatra, Prabir Dalui, Ashin Ghosh, Sribas Chandra Das, Mrs. Putul Nag , Kapil Kanta Das , Mrs. Mitali Samanta , Monali Ghosh, Pitambar Khamaru , Aloke Dhara, Sujan Biswas, Raghunath Yadav and Bhola Jha.

Governing Board






Amalendu Pal

81C, Narkeldanga Main Road

Azad Palace, First Floor, Kolkata-700054

Member, President

Social Work

Aloke S. Gupta

13/A Sardar Sankar Road

Kolkata -700026


Board Secretary


Naresh Kumar Jain

184, Bansdroni Place, Flat No.5, Garden Green Appt., Kolkata-700070


Chartered Accountant

Yogesh Wardhani

H-7047,Devender Vihar ,




Bio-medical Engineer


Naren Sarkar Road, Barisha Post Office Building,Kolkata-700008



Prasanta Das

A-3, Prativa Enclave, Lewis Road, Behind Gautam Petrol Pump, Bhubaneswar 751014


Retired Banker

Atma Prakash

155-A, Sector-3A, Rachna Vaishali, Ghaziabad-20101010



Anjan Sarkar

Kacharipotty, P.O. - Bolpur, District - Birbhum, Pin- 731204, West Bengal



Rohit Pal

F9/4 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057


(Development Associate)

Bisiness Advisory Services

(Strategy and Resource


Adil Firoze

184 Pocket-E Mayor Vihar, delhi- 110091


Engineer- Project Management , Sustainability and Governance

Sandip Samajdar

M-102,Delhi Rajdhani Apts, 80, I.P.Extn, Delhi- 110092


Engineer- CSR and Project Management


President's Remarks

Amalendu Pal- Honorary Member and Board President

To maintain the nation’s competitive position in the world economy and provide greater opportunity to our younger citizens there is a need to be proactive and help institutions respond to policymakers’ concerns about cost, quality, care and especially impact attainment. It is essential need to review the circumstances and examine how medical care institutions conduct themselves and exhibit quality of care with a high degree of transparency, compliance, and accountability.

There is a term called ‘Cancer’, without a doubt, cancer turns sounds of life upside down. Cancer changes everything. The diagnosis may make patient feel worried, sad, confused, or even angry. And in addition to the physical difficulties, there are emotional and financial issues that the patient must learn to manage.

The team of Cancer Care of Indian Association of Blood Cancer and Allied Diseases (IABCD) will help every patient understand the challenges that are a part of living with cancer and provide him/ her with the tools he/she needs to cope better with this experience. Importantly, patient will learn that he/she is not alone —there are sources of support available to suffering individual, and many people have made this journey before someone is diagnosed with cancer.

Indian Association of Blood Cancer and Allied Diseases is a national non-profit organization — has helped people with cancer and their loved ones with exactly these kinds of challenges. We provide professional counseling, medical care and services, educational programmes, and referrals to helpful resources. Due to economic reasons no one has been refused for services even a large number of patients are served without any fee or charges. Our oncology social workers know that when someone is first diagnosed, it seems overwhelming. From the moment of diagnosis, life will never be the same. But the advice and care provided in the medical centre give the patients and their families enough tools which they need to truly live with cancer.

People diagnosed with cancer face a whole range of concerns about proper medical care, treatment protocol, finances and emotional issues. One of the biggest challenges for people with cancer is learning all the complex medical aspects of the disease. As the science of treating cancer has advanced, researchers have developed better, more effective treatments, which mean patients have more choices than they did a few decades ago.

Cancer care is an expensive illness.Meeting such goals will not be easy, particularly in the face of economic issues that medical centres confront today. Today’s environment for quality care—where change is a constant, existing practices may no longer work, and new opportunities manifest themselves unexpectedly—may constitute a “new normal” for care givers. Treatment protocol models, for example, need to be rethought, with attention to both efficiency and productivity. In short, both board management and medical team must address the complex issues on today’s agendas. While boards should remain focused on long-term strategic issues, today’s challenges may require a new paradigm of board engagement in close cooperation with expert medical team in such areas as economic way of diagnosis the disease, process development, treatment protocol development, strategic finance in medical research, and academic oversight. Truly strategic thinking is needed.

We welcome thoughts from all stakeholders and well wishers of suffering humanity about how we can best serve the needs of cancer care. We invite government bodies, civil society, corporate as well as individual to join with us and to help Indian Association of Blood Cancer and Allied Diseases continue to help and serve the community affected by cancer specially “Blood Cancer and Blood Disorder”.

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