Goal of Cancer Life Services


  • Our goal is to provide every patient with personalized, comprehensive and compassionate care.
  • The goals of the Cancer Programme include:
  • Creating a patient-friendly, family-centered environment
  • Providing recreational, therapeutic and medical play opportunities for infants, children and teens
  • Collaborating with the patient and family to create a plan of care to best support their identified needs
  • Minimizing anxiety and stress through emotional support, information sharing and coping interventions, such as distraction and imagery
  • Promoting growth and development through normalization of the medical setting.


We strive to reduce the impact of stressful or traumatic life events and situations which affect the health, and well-being of patients and families. The process of healing modality is to enhance the normal growth and development of suffering patients through assessment, intervention, prevention, advocacy, and education.


The profession of cancer life programme will continue to meet the needs of patient and families in times of stressful or traumatic life events and situations. The philosophy and practice of cancer life will be applicable to any health care setting and transferable to other environments or situations in which the potential for patients to cope, learn and master is placed at risk. The services will be holistic and preventive and will utilize applied child development and family systems theory. The objective of such services will be to minimize the negative impact of situational disruptions while maintaining normalcy in growth, development and family systems relationships.


INFANTS, CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES – We recognize the diversity of individual and family strengths and needs, acknowledging their support systems and community links. We promote individual and family integrity, development, and well-being by embracing the concepts of family-centered care.

THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP – We are committed to relationships built on trust, respect and professional competence which contribute to the development of confidence, resilience, and problem-solving skills that enable individuals and families to deal effectively with challenges to development, health and well-being.

PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION- The shared and reciprocal efforts of individuals, disciplines, organizations and communities is an effective means of meeting the diverse needs of infants, children, youth and families.

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS OF PRACTICE – The commitment of excellence and integrity in our professional practices involves lifelong learning, adherence to our code of ethics, and the development and support of educational and training programs based upon defined clinical competencies.

RESEARCH – Research is a fundamental tool of inquiry to guide our practices and interventions, and strengthen and promote our profession.

Operating Principle

  • We will establish and maintain a philosophy and identity which is accepted on an international level.
  • We will initiate research to validate our methodologies and further the practice of cancer life service.
  • We will interface with all other significant groups which provide interventions to patients and families and will collaborate with them in the delivery of services.


The Team

Our team will deliver a continuum of care, utilizing both proven procedures and advanced technology in close cooperation with established medical institutions. A multidisciplinary team will include pediatric specialists in haematology, oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, radiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychology, counseling, social work and child life practitioners.


Patient support is the range of emotional and practical help the association offers for patients, their families, their caregivers and their community from the time of diagnosis throughout life to life’s end.

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