• 1989-1990 -Registration of the Association under West Bengal Societies Registration Act and Income Tax Act 1961.Introduction of ambulance service, Promotion of voluntary blood donation, Sponsorship programmed for treatment of patients.

  • 1990-1991-Continuation of ambulance service, blood donation, treatment of patients.

  • 1991-1992-Beginning of project work- Blessed by Mother Teresa on March 5, 1992.

  • 1992-1993-Setting up Information, Education and Communication Unit

  • 1993-1994-Computer services unit

  • 1994-1995-Acquiring new premises for Blood Centre for Children.

  • 1995-1996-Completion of first phase of project- Blood Center for Children

  • Inaugurated by Mr. A.B.N. Morey, British Deputy High Commissioner, Calcutta.

  • 1996-1997-Opening of Modern Blood Bank

  • 1997-1998-Opening of Blood Transfusion Center

  • 1998-1999-Acquiring of instruments for blood components unit

  • 1999-2000-Extension unit for blood centre for children

  • 2000-2001-Opening of Blood Research Center, Blood Components Unit

  • 2001-2002- Beginning of work of Indian Academy of Transfusion Medicine

  • 2002-2003-Oncology Social Work Programme, Establishment of Rural Community Clinic

  • 2003-2004-Cancer Life Centre

  • 2004-2005-Certificate of Registration ISO 9001:2000

  • 2005-06-Setting up unit for Cell Counter & Immuno Analyzer

  • 2006-07-Established International Network System

  • 2007-08-Initiated Project Work for Short Stay Home in Delhi and Partnership Programme with Indian Corporate Houses

  • 2008-09-Exchange Education Program with National and International Universities

  • 2009-2010-Standardization of blood banking operating and quality control system

  • 2010-11-Up gradation of blood components preservation unit

  • 2011-12-Introduction of Gel Technology for blood banking services

  • 2012-2013- Specialized Mobile Medical Services

  • 2013-2014-Upgradation of blood components preparation unit.

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